City, Coast & Countryside

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What is City, Coast & Countryside?

From Car Parking to Council Tax information, the City, Coast & Countryside profile in iLancaster provides you with lots of information at your fingertips...

The City, Coast & Countryside profile has been developed in collaboration between the City Council and Lancaster Universty. Our aim is to provide you, the residents and visitors of the region, up-to-date and useful information!

It's available for you to download on both iOS and on Android  - just follow the links at the top of this page.

You can also access the City and Region profile on the web, just click here.

Features and Services

The City, Coast & Countryside profile has lots of useful features and services for you to use and enjoy. We've highlighted just a few of the apps features below...

Bin Collection information

Never forget to put your bins out again! With our 'Bin Collections' applet, you can see which bins are due out, and when.

You can also set-up push notifications to remind you the night before, which bins are due out!



There are so many events and activities happening around our vibrant city, coast & countryside! So we've brought all these together into our 'Events' applet.

With the 'Events' applet, you're able to explore all the upcoming events and activites. You can add these to your favorites, and build your own personal schedule!

Don't want to being your device with you? Once you're happy with your personal schedule, you can use the app to print out physical copies, or email it to friends and family who might be joining you for these activities

Transport Hub

We've brought together all the transport information for the city, coast & countryside. You can view bus times and train times. Set up your favourite bus stops and get reminders so you dont miss that bus!

Having trouble with iLancaster?

Are you having issues using iLancaster? Not to worry - you can email us at and we'll be back in touch with you asap!

Have an idea?

Is there something you'd like to see in the City, Coast & Countryside profile?

If so, drop us an email at: or use the Feedback applet inside the app!